Cotton Wool Roll Cotton wool rolls for gentle cleaning projects, such as surface cleaning and varnish removal. Could be used to replace tips on swabs. Medical grade 100% cotton material gentle enough for clinical use.

Cotton wool

  • Cotton wool is made using 100% long-fiber cotton.
  • Degree of whiteness reaches 80%.
  • Does not contain foreign impurities and has a high absorbing property.
  • Odor free and does not cause allergic reaction.


  • Made of spunbond of 50 g/m2 with anti-UV treatment
  • Designed to cover soil, protection against weeds
  • Provide purity of berries and fruits

Medical non-woven mask 50 pcs., black

Disposable non-woven clothes greatly facilitates the work of health workers.

Non-sterile nitrile gloves

Ambidextrous examination gloves.
Do not contain corn starch.

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Non-sterile nitrile
gloves Viola, black

High-end restaurants and automotive repair shops may not have much in common. But they agree on one thing: the inherent power of black nitrile gloves. What is it about these simple disposables in general—and Violas Gloves in particular—that makes them so darn awesome? They don’t show dirt and grime. They’re subtle and classy while remaining superbly functional. And, quite simply, they demand respect. Let’s be honest: Nothing says cool like black gloves, whether you’re on the front-end staff at a fancy eatery or replacing the brake pads on a Ford pickup.

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