Sterile surgical absorbent medical cotton wool


25 g roll – 4820009790247
50 g rolls – 4820009790261
Features of sterile surgical absorbent medical cotton wool
  • Cotton wool is made using 100% long-fiber cotton.
  • Degree of whiteness reaches 80%.
  • Does not contain foreign impurities and has a high absorbing property.
  • Odor free and does not cause allergic reaction.

Sterile cotton wool is necessary in cases of contact with open wounds or burns when there is a high risk of infection.
In addition to making bandages sterile cotton wool is recommended in the baby’s first aid kit.

Production standard: TU U 23721570.005-2000.
Sterilized: by gamma-radiation.
Warranty shelf life: 5 years.
Packing: 25 g/ laminated paper / 50 g/laminated paper.
Quantity per carton: 150/ 80.
Manufacturer: LLC TH “Campus Cotton Club”.


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